Nothing Like the Holidays

Nothing Like the Holidays

DVD - 2009
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Sep 20, 2018

This dramatic indie film is about a chaotic family as they join together over the holidays. Each with their own problems and their shocking announcements, they are most shocked when they discover that the family matriarch plans on divorcing her husband - the father of her children. The movie has many witty and funny moments which tie things together, as well as more serious and intense moments. The writing could have been improved during some scenes and scene transitions could have been smoother, but I would rate this film 3.5/5 stars and recommend it to chaotic families over the holidays. @The_Reviewer of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

JCLMargaretO Dec 06, 2017

As in any film with a lot of significant characters, it takes a few minutes to get to know everyone and understand their personalities and situations. Sometimes it’s too much information in too short a time to really care about them all, but you’ll care about this family. A touching look at family life and what it means to love and be loved in spite of it all.

Dec 28, 2015

A movie more for adults. Decent watch

Nov 17, 2014

Interesting dvd, story line is of a dysfunctional family. People who make judgements about the family members, without first asking questions. Started off a little slow but developed into a nice story. Enjoy.

howardpoole Sep 22, 2012

Good enough to keep me interested. Acting was good- especially Alfred. Hes been around the block a few times. Sometimes it reminded me of home.

nazpakkal Aug 02, 2012

I didn't enjoy the movie at all and I didn't like the characters... In my opinion don't waste your time watching it...

BORIGORDITO Jan 26, 2012

i luv diz movie b.cuz of da comedi n da drama n of course da mzg it sendz n dat iz az latinoz we go threw n we make it 2getha....all n all i luv'd da cazt n da trialz they go threw iz diz flim i u shld go n check it out 4 ur selvez...

debra_759 Jan 13, 2012

nice holiday movie centered around a latino-american family/community instead of the typical "we" got problems no one else has... WE are all members of the same race - The Human Race!

Aug 06, 2011

Good family movie, not necessarily Disney. These people have more going on during the Holiday's than the Macy's Parade.

nadian May 09, 2010

Nice little holiday movie with a funny cast and a warm but not cheesy plot. Wish I would have watched it closer to Christmas though.

Dec 31, 2009

Good - Nothing Like the Holidays (2008) 98 min. It was a delight to spend time in the Rodriguez house hold for Christmas. The large ensemble cast each have a unique and interesting story as this melodrama takes us through their trials and tribulations. Well-made film with Alfred Molina as the patriarch of the family and Elizabeth Pena as his wife. It was unfortunate that the film ended so soon – closure on some of the plots would’ve been nice to see instead of having to imagine the outcome.

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