The Man in the Picture
Thoroughly Pleased By This Short Ghost Story
I haven't yet read Susan Hill's-The Woman In Black,so while waiting for it at my library I got her The Man In The Picture and I am so happy that I did.

It is a short story-160 pgs,but such a page turner that I could not put it down until I finished it last night!

It grabbed me from the very first page and kept up the fast pace of my desire for revelation,as each tidbit of the story of the painting was revealed.

I am more anxious than ever now to read The Woman In Black.I prefer to see the film first if one is based on a book,so I don't have the same complaint as so many about the film not being as good as the book. I don't expect it to be,but this way,I really enjoy the film much more,I believe, than those who compare it to the book.

I highly recommend The Man In The Picture to all Ghost story lovers.

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