Yes it has ideas of Cujo, Pet Semetary, Re-Animator, amongst others, but is there an actual BRAND NEW IDEA in horror more than once or twice a year?..I would not PAY to see this, but to borrow this type of film, done very well, and with good performances, well this is what straight to dvd SHOULD be all about. An enjoyable little sci-fi horror with a couple of " WHOA" moments that before you know it, the popcorn is all gone and the movie is coming to an end.....a bit of a disappointing end, not bad, just could have been more.
Enjoy this movie as it is probably one of the better ones I have borrowed of the last 100 or so of this type.

Note to bearslapper a couple comments down...have you seen children of the corn 1 - 7,8, or whatever they are up to...Stephen King ??? please

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