The first time I read it I thought, "well, that was pretty good.". Then I reread it. And then bought it and reread it again. And again. It really grew on me and is now one of my favorites.

The pacing can be a little slow, but short chapters written in various styles depending on different characters' POVs helps keep things going.

One standout quality that I was finally able to put my finger on: In so many stories, the only way authors can think to show that their heroine is unique or worth our time is by having her feel oh so specially DIFFERENT than all the sad, boring, do-what-is-expected girls in her town. They show she's "spunky" or "not like other girls" by being discontent - she'd rather have adventures than sew, she views other domesticated girls as silly and shallow. Pattou writes Rose as adventurous, but harmonious to an extent with domesticity (particularly sewing/weaving) and rural life. She's brave and intelligent and goes on adventures, but it's a natural outflow of her character. She is who she is rather than only having character in relation to whatever rigid social expectations she chafes against. I really appreciated that.

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