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Epic STEM: Up a creek without a paddle
Created by JeffcoTeens | 8 items
Start here for your Epic STEM research. Design a method to efficiently move two pounds of weight across water within a structure no larger than 8.5X11.
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ISEF Resources ISEF Resources
Web Resource
Gale Science in Context Gale Science in Context Online Periodical or Article -
Gale Cengage
PBS Kids: build a watercraft PBS Kids: build a watercraft
Web Resource
The Cardboard Boat Book The Cardboard Boat Book
A Step-by-step Instruction Manual for Building An Environmentally-friendly "green" Boat With Recyclable Resources
Book - 2009
David W. Friant
623.829 FRIANT
How Much Weight Can Your Boat Float? | Science Project How Much Weight Can Your Boat Float? | Science Project
Web Resource
Buoyancy Buoyancy Book - 2003
Benchmark Books
J 532.25 FARNDON
Ninety Percent of Everything Ninety Percent of Everything
Inside Shipping, the Invisible Industry That Puts Clothes on your Back, Gas in your Car, and Food on your Plate
Book - 2013
Metropolitan Books
388.044 GEORGE
GreenFILE GreenFILE Online Periodical or Article -
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