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genny1229 made a comment Oct 04 2020
"The novel, “Brain Jack”, by Brian Faulkner takes place a few decades after our present day time. In this time, certain new things have happened. For example, Los Angeles has been bombed, and there is new technology out. One example is a neuro head..." Permalink
genny1229 made a comment Sep 21 2020
"“Keeper of the Lost Cities” is a book by Shannon Messenger. The main character is a girl named Sophie. She has lived a very abnormal life. For example, she is in college. At the age of 12. She can also read minds. When going on a field trip with h..." Permalink
genny1229 made a comment Aug 24 2020
"“I Funny”, by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein is about a kid named Jamie Grimm. He lost his parents at a young age in a car crash in which only he survived. He now lives daily life in a wheelchair. Jamie’s passion is comedy. He uses jokes to..." Permalink
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Aug 05 2020
"This book is incredible and you literally cannot put it down (it's impossible). Well worth the read!!!" Permalink
genny1229 made a comment Aug 05 2020
"The “Alpha”, in the book “Undertow”, by Michael Buckley, are a race of aquatic humanoids that each have multiple unique characteristics that set them aside from humans. For instance, some of them have spikes on their shoulders, and others have bon..." Permalink
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